Auditing And Assurance

Our Audit and Assurance division undertakes various kinds of Services aimed to provide effective and result-oriented solutions to clients and to give them assurances relating to financial health of their organization. We provide quality services to our clients both in local and global markets as well enabling them comply with requisite requirements in the robust environment of regulations. We offer following types of Audit:

  • Statutory Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Internal Audit & Concurrent Audit for improving the controls of management
  • Management Audit
  • Information System Audits
  • Review analysis
  • Peer Review
  • Special Audits
  • SOX Review
  • IND AS Conversion
  • Forensic and Fraud detection audit.
  • Reporting on IFC (Internal Financial Reporting) under companies act 2013.

We also work on special assignments such as report on Transfer Pricing, Report on Impairment of Assets etc.

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